Monday, September 3, 2012

Take Two

After spending ten days in Mississippi, it was time for me to head to my second visit.  I guess technically this is my first chapter visit that has an established Alpha Delta Pi chapter.  After a short car ride with entertainment from Ben Rector and The Rolling Stones (thanks, Sarah Steele for the fun road trip CD!), I arrived at GTR Airport in Columbus, MS.  "Ummmm, Hello?"  There were a total of two customers in the airport and a handful of staff members.  "This is strange; I think I like it".  The security lane opens 15 minutes before the scheduled boarding time, there is only one gate to choose from, the sweet lady at the counter will turn a blind eye to the extra ten pounds in your luggage, and there aren't any restaurants to tempt my constant need for sweets or a cup of coffee during travel.  "This is strange; I think I like it".  I boarded the regional airplane (aka...the seat numbers barely reach double digits), made a quick plane change in Atlanta and finally head the captain announce "We are beginning our descent into Iowa".  I looked out the window and noticed the long, straight roads that made Iowa appear to be a combination of rectangular green puzzle pieces.  Man, that would be a tough puzzle to complete; all the pieces look so similar.  I exited the plane, walked to baggage claim, met the sweet and welcoming Theta Eta Chapter President, Kaitlin Berry, and gathered  my luggage.  Yay!  My first flight as a Leadership Consultant...check! (Cue the Staples Easy Button) That was easy!  

I had a wonderful time living in Des Moines, IA.  The sisters of the Theta Eta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi are so much fun to be around!  They know how to have so much fun while working hard to prepare for recruitment.  This chapter truly knows what sisterhood is and they live it daily.  

I arrived one day after the conclusion of the Iowa State Fair, but I still had the opportunity to enjoy local favorites such as Jethro's BBQ, Zombie Burger, Le Mei Bakery, and I even visited the local Des Moines Farmer's Market!  I am so thankful my roommates, Izzy and Emma, invited me on their fairly regular Saturday morning outing.  At the farmer's market we enjoyed breakfast foods originating from various cultures and a delicious pumpkin latte  from Java Joe's Coffee House.  Fall must be right around the corner if I am craving a pumpkin latte!