Monday, September 3, 2012

Take Two

After spending ten days in Mississippi, it was time for me to head to my second visit.  I guess technically this is my first chapter visit that has an established Alpha Delta Pi chapter.  After a short car ride with entertainment from Ben Rector and The Rolling Stones (thanks, Sarah Steele for the fun road trip CD!), I arrived at GTR Airport in Columbus, MS.  "Ummmm, Hello?"  There were a total of two customers in the airport and a handful of staff members.  "This is strange; I think I like it".  The security lane opens 15 minutes before the scheduled boarding time, there is only one gate to choose from, the sweet lady at the counter will turn a blind eye to the extra ten pounds in your luggage, and there aren't any restaurants to tempt my constant need for sweets or a cup of coffee during travel.  "This is strange; I think I like it".  I boarded the regional airplane (aka...the seat numbers barely reach double digits), made a quick plane change in Atlanta and finally head the captain announce "We are beginning our descent into Iowa".  I looked out the window and noticed the long, straight roads that made Iowa appear to be a combination of rectangular green puzzle pieces.  Man, that would be a tough puzzle to complete; all the pieces look so similar.  I exited the plane, walked to baggage claim, met the sweet and welcoming Theta Eta Chapter President, Kaitlin Berry, and gathered  my luggage.  Yay!  My first flight as a Leadership Consultant...check! (Cue the Staples Easy Button) That was easy!  

I had a wonderful time living in Des Moines, IA.  The sisters of the Theta Eta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi are so much fun to be around!  They know how to have so much fun while working hard to prepare for recruitment.  This chapter truly knows what sisterhood is and they live it daily.  

I arrived one day after the conclusion of the Iowa State Fair, but I still had the opportunity to enjoy local favorites such as Jethro's BBQ, Zombie Burger, Le Mei Bakery, and I even visited the local Des Moines Farmer's Market!  I am so thankful my roommates, Izzy and Emma, invited me on their fairly regular Saturday morning outing.  At the farmer's market we enjoyed breakfast foods originating from various cultures and a delicious pumpkin latte  from Java Joe's Coffee House.  Fall must be right around the corner if I am craving a pumpkin latte!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

And We're Off

The task at hand: re-pack my suitcases exactly as I did the the first time.  Okay, so that may have been a little over zealous but I was able to successfully re-pack in a somewhat logical manner.  It wasn't easy, but I do have some tips:

1. Use the plastic packaging linens 
are sold in as packing cubes.
Recycle for free!  Also, they are generally clear so you can easily find your belongings.

2. Use zip ties to secure your luggage.
That way, if your bag is searched during travel you won't have to purchase a new lock.

3. Spinner wheels are a must.

After living in Memorial Headquarters for the past three weeks I am finally prepared for my first chapter visit!  So my visit was slightly atypical because I had the opportunity to travel the five hours to Starkville, MS with two Senior Leadership Consultants, Andrea Farnan and Sarah Steele Banks.  I know, I'm being spoiled on my first visit!  The rainy five hour trip to reach our destination two states over passed quickly.  We even stopped in Tuscaloosa to see 'Bama!  When we arrived in Starkville I was so excited!  I couldn't help but notice how the Mississippi State University resembled my alma mater.  The quaint town, local shops and restaurants, friendly students and administration, and Norts and Chacos everywhere.  Feels like home to me.  Some of my Starkville favorites include Deep South Pout, Restaurant Tyler, Mugshots, Local Culture and The Lodge.  Most of all, I was excited to see how @MSUPanhellenic rocks Formal Recruitment!  It was such an honor to interact with the women who make the local council an award winning Panhellenic Council.  Alpha Delta Pi can't wait to come home to Mississippi State University in January 2013!

Throw what you know, Bully.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Does everyone get this excited about their job?  If not, some companies need to step up their game. Alpha Delta Pi changed my life during my collegiate years and I know that trend will continue.  I am thrilled to serve as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi.  Reuniting with my consultant sisters for our official beginnings is truly a blessing.  Seriously, you should get to know these women--they're great!  We shared our excitement together as we tried on our official magnetic name tags, traded business cards, paged through our notebooks and (drum roll, please) set up our phones and iPads!  This was like Christmas!!  We are excited to visit Alpha Delta Pi chapters across the country (and hopefully Canada) and experience everything various campuses have to offer.

As I travel I will be sure to keep you updated on everything I encounter. This includes, but is not limited to sporting events, music, food, coffee shops, outside adventures and more, so stay tuned!  I'm sure I speak for Mary, Rose, Caroline, Brittany, Jessica, Megan, Ashley and Eyrn when I express my enthusiasm for our year of travel as a sorority professional!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time for a Little R&R

Alpha Delta Pi's Leadership Seminar in Atlanta, GA was a great experience!  I love attending summer conferences because the programing allows sisters from various locations to interact, learn, and bond.  This conference was especially important to me because I finally had the opportunity to meet the consultant sisters I will be working with this year!  We look forward to visiting a chapter near you!
Over this 4th of July holiday I was lucky enough to spend time with my family at the lake.  There were many boaters out during the day so we decided to act as the audience rather than the stars of the show.  After boaters dispersed, I decided it was my turn to ski.  “Alright mom, let’s see if I can still do this” I said.  I haven’t skied since last summer and the first run of the season is always a tossup (luckily I have always come out on the winning end, getting up on my first attempt, to date).  My dad always chooses to ski this week.  His birthday is July 1st and he always skies shortly after his so he can proudly proclaim “I skied when I was 55” for example.  This may or may not be the only week he skies, but it counts in my book.  Maybe one day I can beat his record. 
            As the sun set over the lake and darkness crept in, we gathered on the pontoon (can’t think of this word without singing Little Big Town’s, Pontoon) and awaited the fireworks show.  The moon suspended over the lake, red, green and white lights bobbed in synchrony with the motion of the water and fireworks illuminated both the sky and the surface of the water.  It was a great way to spend the holiday week!  I hope yours was great as well!

Hyco Lake, NC

Max, miss you sweet boy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

See ya, Boonetown

Holy moly my abbreviated summer in Boone passed at the speed of light!  I didn't get to every item on my bucket list, but I can confidently proclaim I made the most of my years as a professional collegian.  I can't take all the credit; I had assistance from wonderful people (sisters, friends, faculty, RAs, mentees, advisors, aquaintences, etc.) who made Appalachian truly unforgettable.  As I drove down the mountain I can't help but acknowledge the fact this is the first time I am leaving Boone without knowing the date I will return.  Crazy.  I pray when I do return all the people who have influenced me (you know who you are) can also make the pilgrimage to Boone.  Don't get me wrong Boone is a beautiful place, but the people are the ones who made the inanimate places come to life.

I laughed as I followed my parents down the mountain and watched my sweet mom bid farewell to those memorable landmarks, waving her arm out the window.  I could almost hear her saying, "bye apartment, bye Hoey, bye tAPP Room, bye APH, bye Blowing Rock Country Club..."  Peace out Boone.

To sum this part of my life up in a one word nutshell: phenomenal.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'll Stick Around

I wasn’t quite ready to leave Boone after graduation so I decided to stay, why not?  Boone is such a wonderful place to live, study, work and vacation.  The attraction of the high country is evident through the various license plates seen around town.  My post graduation time here only yields a short time to complete (or repeat) some of the wonderful adventures in the area: float the river one last time, be present for the reopening of Klondike, hike on sunny mornings, visit Trash Can and Snake Pit falls, go mountain biking, lay out by the dam, wake up early for the farmer’s market, etc.  I just want to take advantage of every opportunity with really great people; sounds pretty simple, right?  
View of ASU from Howard's Knob

Mountains to Sea Trail