Sunday, June 24, 2012

See ya, Boonetown

Holy moly my abbreviated summer in Boone passed at the speed of light!  I didn't get to every item on my bucket list, but I can confidently proclaim I made the most of my years as a professional collegian.  I can't take all the credit; I had assistance from wonderful people (sisters, friends, faculty, RAs, mentees, advisors, aquaintences, etc.) who made Appalachian truly unforgettable.  As I drove down the mountain I can't help but acknowledge the fact this is the first time I am leaving Boone without knowing the date I will return.  Crazy.  I pray when I do return all the people who have influenced me (you know who you are) can also make the pilgrimage to Boone.  Don't get me wrong Boone is a beautiful place, but the people are the ones who made the inanimate places come to life.

I laughed as I followed my parents down the mountain and watched my sweet mom bid farewell to those memorable landmarks, waving her arm out the window.  I could almost hear her saying, "bye apartment, bye Hoey, bye tAPP Room, bye APH, bye Blowing Rock Country Club..."  Peace out Boone.

To sum this part of my life up in a one word nutshell: phenomenal.

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