Monday, August 27, 2012

And We're Off

The task at hand: re-pack my suitcases exactly as I did the the first time.  Okay, so that may have been a little over zealous but I was able to successfully re-pack in a somewhat logical manner.  It wasn't easy, but I do have some tips:

1. Use the plastic packaging linens 
are sold in as packing cubes.
Recycle for free!  Also, they are generally clear so you can easily find your belongings.

2. Use zip ties to secure your luggage.
That way, if your bag is searched during travel you won't have to purchase a new lock.

3. Spinner wheels are a must.

After living in Memorial Headquarters for the past three weeks I am finally prepared for my first chapter visit!  So my visit was slightly atypical because I had the opportunity to travel the five hours to Starkville, MS with two Senior Leadership Consultants, Andrea Farnan and Sarah Steele Banks.  I know, I'm being spoiled on my first visit!  The rainy five hour trip to reach our destination two states over passed quickly.  We even stopped in Tuscaloosa to see 'Bama!  When we arrived in Starkville I was so excited!  I couldn't help but notice how the Mississippi State University resembled my alma mater.  The quaint town, local shops and restaurants, friendly students and administration, and Norts and Chacos everywhere.  Feels like home to me.  Some of my Starkville favorites include Deep South Pout, Restaurant Tyler, Mugshots, Local Culture and The Lodge.  Most of all, I was excited to see how @MSUPanhellenic rocks Formal Recruitment!  It was such an honor to interact with the women who make the local council an award winning Panhellenic Council.  Alpha Delta Pi can't wait to come home to Mississippi State University in January 2013!

Throw what you know, Bully.

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